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Please note: The business is under new ownership and the site is currently under re-construction, however minnows are being produced for sale as we speak. If you wish to be notified or pre-order specific minnows contact

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Manufacture of Spey Minnows and Bettwood Devon Minnows began in Moray on the banks of the River Spey many years ago.

Now based in Inverness, home of the Beautiful River Ness Spey Products and Crafts produce the:

Bettwood Devon Minnow
Original Spey Minnow
Spey Sprat

Tulip Beads
Traditional Minnow Mounts

Bettwood Minnow, salmon lure

The Bettwood Minnow is our most popular type of minnow. An injection moulded copy of the traditional wooden Devon with flexible plastic fins. It swims in exactly the same way, is harder wearing and cheaper. Spins to the right.

Original Minnow, salmon lure

The Original Minnow is the first of the Spey minnows to be produced after World War II. Utilising new technology, it was first produced using a small hand injection press. with it's strong body and moulded wings it is responsible for the generic term "SPEY" being applied to fixed wing minnows. Spins to the right

Curved Wing Sprat, salmon lure

The Curved wing Sprat is perhaps the most elegant of the three with its swept back wingsand oval profile. In the smaller sizes such as the 1.5", these are light enough to be cast on a fly rod and appear to be useful for rainbow trout. Spins to the left

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